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HaikuBot detects and formats the accidental haikus in your server

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Haikus found

HaikuBot is a simple, fun bot for your server. It detects haikus in 5-7-5 format in your messages and formats them. It uses a dictionary with over 40,000 words and syllables, and a combination of algorithms to try and be as accurate as possible. It works with markdown message formatting and punctuation, as well as most common acronyms and variations in pronunciation.

There are a few fun tricks and secrets in HaikuBot that can be found by interacting with it, but it mostly stays out of the way until it finds a haiku. For detailed guides on helping HaikuBot fit into your server, see here.

HaikuBot lives in the HaikuBot Discord Server, and everyone is more than welcome to come and say hi! HaikuBot is still learning, and the official server is the best place to ask any questions, give suggestions, or submit problems with syllable counts for words.

I hope you enjoy HaikuBot, bleep bloop!

If you like HaikuBot and would like to support development, HaikuBot has a page on Patreon. You can donate $1-$3 per month and by doing to you get a badge next to all your haikus to show your support, and people who pledge $2 or more per month can change the color of their haikus. For more information, check out the page on Patreon!

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avatar of milk bread
milk bread 15 days ago

this bot is so funny and i love it so deeply.


avatar of JustAdam
JustAdam 13 days ago

This bot is so fun I made a haiku for it Invite it right now.