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Reaction botπŸŽ‰ - FAQ

Reaction bot is the best utility bot for OwO - stats, zoo calculator, reminders, quest system, and much more!

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✨ Features

  • πŸ“ Reaction bot mentions you when you can hunt/battle again.
  • 🎨 Reaction bot allows you to set custom reminders for owo patreon commands.
  • πŸ“œ Reaction bot has a quest system - managing quests is now way easier.
  • πŸ”’ Reaction bot can calculate zoo stats and visualize huntbots.
  • πŸ”Š Reaction bot allows you to use custom OwO prefixes.
  • πŸ“’ Reaction bot has a command for your own reminders.

🚦 Status

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πŸ› οΈ Commands

πŸ€” FAQ


  • make sure reaction bot has permission to view the channel & send messages

How do I set & update the OwO prefix?

  • type owo prefix in your channel

How do I enable OwO reminders?

  • type !r owoh on and !r owopray on
  • you can also do !r owo on to get mentioned every 10 seconds

How do I disable OwO reminders?

  • type !r owo off / !r owoh off / !r owopray off

I don't want ghostpings, what do I do?

  • type !r owo delete, works for the !r owoh, !r owopray and !r custom command aswell

How do I enable / disable the huntbot reminder?

  • !r owohb on to enable (enabled by default)
  • !r owohb off to disable

How do I set / clear a huntbot channel?

  • !r owohb #channel (mention a channel) / !r owohb remove

My huntbot reminder doesn't work, help??

  • first step
  • make sure you are the only person in the server with that name (no alts)
  • remove the backtick ` from your name if you have one
  • if you have closed DMs, then set a reminder channel using !r owohb #channel
  • if you have open DMs and you don't see a "⏰" reaction on your huntbot message, then you might want to join our support server and we'll be happy to help you

Reaction doesn't respond to my commands??

  • first step
  • @mention it and use the correct prefix !r
  • the bot might be offline / restarting, check later with !r ping
  • your server is in a broken shard, kick and re-add the bot
  • if you were spamming reaction bot commands then you're very likely temp-blacklisted - just wait a few minutes
  • if the bot is still not responding then you're banned

How do I get some in-depth help on a specific command?

  • !r help command, replace command with an actual command name - !r help owoh for example

How do I enable certain custom owo patreon commands?

  • type !r custom add command, for example !r custom add piku
  • you can find a list of valid commands by doing !r custom
  • disable/remove commands by doing !r custom remove piku

How does the quest system work??

  • set a quest channel by doing !r q channel #channel if you're the server owner
  • you can remove the quest channel by doing !r q channel remove - removing the quest channel will disable the quest system
  • you can add/remove quest managers by doing !r q managers add @User / !r q managers remove @User
  • quest managers will be able to remove quests by ID, ban (blacklist users from using this system) and unban users

  • if you're a quest manager then you can remove quests by IDs and ban & unban users from the quest system
  • you can remove a quest by doing !r q remove ID, replace ID with the quest ID that can be found here
  • you can ban/unban users from using the quest system by doing !r q ban @User / !r q unban @User
  • you can edit the quest progress by doing !r q edit ID value

  • everyone else including server owners & managers can add their own quest to the list by doing !r q add type amount
  • available "types": cookie | pray | curse
  • you can add a max of 3 quests
  • you can remove your quest by doing !r q remove ID, replace ID with the quest ID that can be found here

I gave @User a cookie, but the quest didn't update??

  • the bot will only update quests in the quest channel

I found an error / bug in the quest system, help?

  • the quest system is fairly new, please report any bugs by doing !r report or by joining our support server

Why is there a snail reaction on my message?

  • this is an indicator that you're on a command cooldown, just wait and get familiar with the command cooldown by doing !r help command
  • spamming commands while being on cooldown will get you temp-blacklisted

Why is XYZ command cooldown so high??

  • reaction bot is being used by many users at the same time, decreasing the cooldown would rate-limit the bot and make it even more slower

How does the hb command work?

  • do !r help hb
  • the -radar tag allows you to set a radar lvl, up to 1k
  • the -patreon tag allows you to get patreon animals
  • friendly reminder: this is just a visualizer and the shown animals will not get added to your zoo
  • you can set a max of 5760 animals
  • example: !r hb 5760 -patreon -250 (5760 animals, patreon animals, radar lvl 250)

How does the owostats command work?

  • enable the owohunt reminder for example (!r owoh on), and the number in the grinding field will increase every time you get mentioned by the bot

How does the zoo command work?

  • do owo zoo (owo zoo display if you sold your animals recently)

  • visit discord's Where can I find my User/Server/Message ID? article and read

  • after enabling the developer mode on your device/platform.. whatever, copy the message ID of your zoo (or multiple message IDs if your zoo has more than one message) and do !r zoo MESSAGE_ID

  • example for a single message zoo

  • example for multi message zoo

How does the reminder command work?

  • !r help rm

  • create a reminder using !r rm reminder in time

  • example 1.: !r rm owo daily in 1day, example 2.: !r rm do homework and read a book in 1 week and 20 h

  • delete your reminder by doing !r rm delete ID, get your reminder ID by doing !r rm list

  • you can set a timezone for the reminder list by looking up your timezone here

  • you can now set your timezone by doing !r rm timezone Australia/Melbourne for example

Got an unanswered question? Ask in our support server

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about 1 year ago

Reaction bot is a great utility bot for https://top.gg/bot/owo ! it has allowed many people to grind OwO bot more efficiently. IT has revolutionized the owo community with its existence! 10/10


reaction bot πŸŽ‰β€’

Replying to bmo

ty uwu


12 months ago

Best bot for owo


reaction bot πŸŽ‰β€’

Replying to Suu~

Thanks :)

reaction bot πŸŽ‰β€’

Replying to Whitty



8 months ago

Thank you c:



4 months ago



4 months ago

Great bot with great features and greate mod/admin staff in support server <3 OwO cookie @reaction botπŸŽ‰#7788



2 months ago




12 months ago

I love this bot! It’s such a huge help for the owo bot. The hb reminder and quest system is incredible and I’m glade that I saw this bot coincidentally in a server I joined. I immediately added it to my server to and my friend as well. The ppl from the reaction bot server are very kind too and try to help asap.


reaction bot πŸŽ‰β€’

Replying to josias

Glad you like it :)






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