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reaction bot 🎉




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Reaction bot is the best utility bot for OwO - stats, zoo calculator, reminders, quest system, and much more!

Reaction bot🎉 - FAQ

Reaction bot is the best utility bot for OwO - stats, zoo calculator, reminders, quest system, and much more!

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✨ Features

  • 🏓 mentions you when you can hunt/battle, pray/curse, say OwO again.
  • 🎨 allows you to set custom (✨embed✨) reminders for owo commands.
  • 📜 has a an automatic quest system - managing quests is now way easier.
  • 🥇 has an OwO counting system with leaderboards.
  • 🔢 can calculate zoo stats and visualize huntbots.
  • 🌱 has a huge dataset of custom patreon animals you can use to lookup animals.
  • 🔊 allows you to use custom OwO prefixes.
  • 📢 has a command for your own reminders.

🚦 Status

reaction bot 🎉 reaction bot 🎉 reaction bot 🎉

📢 Updates & Support

🤗 Support Development & Patreon | get custom reminders

🛠️ Commands



  • make sure reaction bot has permission to view the channel & send messages

How do I set & update the OwO prefix?

  • type owo prefix in your channel

How do I enable OwO reminders?

  • type !r owo / !r hunt / !r pray
  • click the first red button - it should turn green and a checkmark appears

How do I disable OwO reminders?

  • type !r owo / !r hunt / !r pray
  • click the first green button - it should turn red and a crossmark appears

I don't want to get pinged, what do I do?

  • type !r owo / !r hunt / !r pray / !r custom delete
  • click the 🗑️ trash button

How do I enable / disable the huntbot reminder?

  • !r owohb and click the button to enable/disable (enabled by default)

My huntbot reminder doesn't work, help??

  • saying owo prefix in your server will fix it
  • ake sure the bot has access to the channel you want to use the bot
  • give the bot both Read Messages and Send Messages permission
  • make sure you are the only person in the server with that name (no alts)
  • make sure to have your DMS open
  • if you don't see a "⏰" reaction on your huntbot message, then you might want to join our support server and we'll help you

How do I enable OwO, hunt/battle, pray/curse counting / leaderboard?

  • !r s count to enable counting

How do I list a specific leaderboard?

  • !r h t to see examples

How do I enable the weapon reaction (max quality) for OwO weapons?

  • do !r s w and !r s s (for the shop command as well)

How do I enable certain custom owo patreon commands?

  • type !r custom add command, for example !r custom add piku
  • you can find a list of valid commands by doing !r custom
  • disable/remove commands by doing !r custom remove piku

How do I set up the automatic quest system?

  • set a quest channel by doing !r s questchannel #channel if you're a server admin
  • set a staff (quest manager) role using !r s queststaff @Role
  • quest managers can remove/edit quest, customize the embed, manage quest bans

How do I add my quest to the quest list?

  • saying owo quest in the quest channel automatically adds the quest to the list.

  • you can lock your quest using owo quest lock X if you don't want your quest to show up

  • you can remove your quest by doing !r q remove ID, replace ID with the quest ID that can be found here

What are the other quest settings?

  • toggle whether the bot should add cowoncy quests to the list using !r s questcash

  • you can block quests from new members (members that have joined recently, 3 days for example) using !r s questage set 3d

  • the bot can automatically remove quests from the list if they haven't been updated in a certain amount of time

  • use the !r s questremove command to customize this setting

How do I change the quest message?

  • !r q embed color #00ff00 to change the embed color to green for example
  • use !r q embed title some_text to change the embed title
  • do the same for the embed footer (at the bottom of the message) using !r q embed footer some_text

How does the zoo command work?

  • do owo zoo (owo zoo display if you sold your animals recently)

  • visit discord's Where can I find my User/Server/Message ID? article and read

  • after enabling the developer mode on your device/platform.. whatever, copy the message ID of your zoo (or multiple message IDs if your zoo has more than one message) and do !r zoo MESSAGE_ID

  • first message ID

first msg id

  • second message ID

second msg id

  • zoo result

zoo result

How does the reminder command work?

  • !r help rm

  • create a reminder using !r rm reminder in time

  • example 1.: !r rm owo daily in 1day, example 2.: !r rm do homework and read a book in 1 week and 20 h

  • delete your reminder by doing !r rm delete ID, get your reminder ID by doing !r rm list

How do I customize reminder messages?

  • you can customize server reminders (apply to all server members) using !r s owo, !r s hunt, !r s pray

  • you can also customize your own reminders (globally) using the !r gift command

  • you win reminders via voting or by supporting reaction bot here

  • redeem your reminder using !r g redeem ID after obtaining one

  • you can then customize your reminder message using !r g update your_message_goes_here

  • you can use the emoji link if you don't have nitro for animated emojis

gift command emoji link example

What are reminder variables?

  • variables in reminders get replaced by the bot
  • {USER} for instance will be replaced with your @User mention
  • {GOAL} with your custom goal (!r owo goal for example)

How do I customize ✨embed reminders✨?

  • redeem your reminder using !r g redeem ID

  • visit https://discohook.org/ | (https://discohook.org/ if the link doesn't work)

  • select "Embed 1" and customize your embed

  • once done, click "JSON Data Editor" and "Copy to Clipboard"

  • do !r g embed ID JSON and replace JSON with the code you just copied

  • enable the reminder using !r g enable ID and your embed reminder should show up

  • you can view your current embed reminder in Discord via !r g view ID

Reaction doesn't respond to my commands??

  • first step
  • @mention it and use the correct prefix !r
  • you might have disabled the default prefix, see how to fix it here
  • the bot might be offline / restarting, check later with !r ping
  • your server is in a broken shard, kick and re-add the bot
  • if you were spamming reaction bot commands then you're very likely temp-blacklisted - just wait a few minutes
  • if the bot is still not responding then you're banned

How to set a custom prefix?

  • !r s prefix set x will set reaction bot's prefix to x
  • you can remove a custom prefix using !r s prefix remove
  • you can also remove the default !r prefix using !r s default
  • ping the bot and use its @mention (@reaction s prefix) if you forgot your custom prefix
  • use @reaction s default if you accidentally disabled the default prefix

How do I disable reaction bot commands / reminders from a channel?

  • !r disable all to disable ALL commands and reminders in your current channel
  • you can #mention a channel to manage some other channels too
  • disable specific commands/reminders using !r disable help ping/!r disable r owo hunt
  • use !r h disable for more examples

How do I get some in-depth help on a specific command?

  • !r help command, replace command with an actual command name - !r help quest for example

I found an error / bug in the bot, help?

  • please report any bugs via !r report or by joining our support server

Got an unanswered question? Ask in our support server

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over 3 years ago

Reaction bot is a great utility bot for https://top.gg/bot/owo ! it has allowed many people to grind OwO bot more efficiently. IT has revolutionized the owo community with its existence! 10/10


reaction bot 🎉

Replying to bmo

ty uwu


about 3 years ago

Best bot for owo


reaction bot 🎉

Replying to Eparco

Thanks :)


about 3 years ago



reaction bot 🎉

Replying to Whitty



almost 3 years ago

Thank you c: (edited)



over 2 years ago



over 2 years ago

Great bot with great features and greate mod/admin staff in support server <3 OwO cookie @reaction bot🎉#7788



over 2 years ago




about 3 years ago

bot dont work







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reaction bot🎉

reaction bot🎉





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