Helios - a friendly cat familiar spirit made to assist to your occult and witchcraft, and pagan servers!

Helios Commands Prefix: h! or H!

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🐱 Meow, Helios is a friendly cat familiar and multipurpose (and community driven) occult/witchcraft bot that does divination (Dice, Tarot, Rune), looks at the lunar sighting accurately, fetches Goetia demon information, does Daily and Vedic Astrology and many more! Helios is always awake 24/7, so you can add him for your occult/witchcraft servers with ease~

Helios is homemade from scratch and organically brewed with Discord.js, Node.js, and with love 💚

Type h! (Command) or @Helios to summon him!

Some of Helios's awesome commands:

🐱 Commands Description
h!astrology I shall give you a daily Astrology reading with your Suns Sign zodiac.
h!lenormand I shall read your fortune using Grand Jeu de Mlle Lenormand (Grand Lenormand) deck.
h!i-ching I shall read your fortune with I-ching.
h!tarot Meow, I shall read your fortune with Tarot card (Rider Waite default).
h!celtic Meow, Helios will do a Celtic Spread with 10 Random Tarot cards.
h!rune Meow, I will read your fortune with one rune, upright or reversed.
h!demon Meow, I shall look up a Random Goetia Demon for you.
h!weather Meow, I shall give you the weather forecast of any location and their sunrise and sunset times!
h!motivate Meow, I shall give you an inspiring motivational quote!
h!nasa Meow, I shall give you a random Astronomy Picture of the Day from NASA.
h!moon Meow, I shall accurately calculate the current phase of the moon and its current zodiac.
h!sun I shall calculate the position of the Sun and its current zodiac, and the solstice dates (Yule, Litha etc).

And plenty of more in the plate. Just type h!help to view all his commands!