Created By: Baggins# 1337

Multi-Streaming for your Discordcommunity!

Web Dashboard @ Documentation @


  • Multitwitch / Multimixer for your Discord Server
  • Custome Live role which will show the currently streaming Twitch / Mixer Streamers.

Just invite the Bot and start using Multstreams by using ?lurklink / ?help and start Lurking with your community <3

  • You can setup a notification channel where you can see hostings / chatting of your community which are rewarded with bonuspoints -> ?lurkchannel

  • Set the Multi-Twitch only for one role! -> ?lurkrole

  • Pointsystem -> ?lurktime / ?lurktop10 and many more

  • Rankingsystem available as a Premium Feature

  • Mixer Streamer need to onboard with the ?addmixer command