Levels/xp/ranks with role rewards, auto moderation, and more. Fastest Reaction Roles on discord. Dyno and MEE6 combined!


Leveling, moderation, customizable, and more.

Community Driven Made in Javascript

Arcane's goal is to connect communities together through discord with quality services at a free cost to the user without sacrificing quality.


Why won't Arcane give the autorole or rewards I setup?

Arcane can't give the role if the Arcane role is under the specified role. To fix the problem we recommend you place Arcane's role above the top or above the roles needed to give.

Is Arcane's code public?

Arcane's code is not public and we don't have any plans of making it public.

Do you provide code support?

We do not support with code anymore. This hasn't always been the case, it's just come to the point where supporting took more time then developing took.

When will my feature I've requested be added?

First off, features requested will only be considered through the #suggestions channel on our Discord server. If you do submit a request, it will enter into a review state. Our team will decide how much resources are needed and how much time it will take to develop before giving you a response. Keep in mind, not all requests are accepted.

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Have a bug or a suggestion?

Please contact us within our Discord server.