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Dive into a Football / Soccer Bot with Predictions / Live Scores / FUT / FIFA cards & more. Use our currency to build your Ultimate XI.


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Soccer Guru - All your Football needs in one place!

Soccer Guru is bringing sport to your discord server. With commands to help you track what's happening in live matches around the globe. Give yourself the edge when betting with predictions or simply build your own Ultimate XI team with the aid of our virtual economy system.



  • claim - Claim a new card every 1 hour
  • club - Show all players from your club
  • buy - Buy players from the transfer market
  • sell - Sell players from your club
  • starters - Show/Add/Remove players from your chosen First XI
  • show - Show a chosen player card from your club
  • name - Personalise your team with a unique name
  • leaderboard - Global Leaderboard for teams


  • arena - Fight against all other users to earn more credits
  • friendly - Battle your friends with your teams


  • Team - Teams profile search (10,000+)
  • Coach - Coachs profile search
  • Squad - Get full squad data for a team
  • Table - Search for a full league table
  • Teamstats - See your teams record
  • Topscorers - Topscorers from a chosen league
  • Live - View the status of all live games
  • Lineups - Lineups for an upcoming match
  • H2H - Match history between 2 teams
  • Fixtures - Upcoming games for a team
  • Odds - Displays odds offered for a chosen match/bookmaker
  • Country - Shows active leagues from the country specified (700+ Active Leagues & Historical data for 2000+)
  • Seasons - Description of historical data available
  • Coach - Search a coaches profile
  • Quote - Funny football commentator quotes to make you laugh

Sports Betting

  • Bookmakers - Different bookies for which match odds can be found
  • Markets - Different bet types offered from each bookmaker
  • Predict - Predict an upcoming match between 2 teams


  • Daily - Claim a daily reward
  • Flip - Flip a coin and gamble your credits away
  • Money - Check your credit balance
  • Rank - Check you rank/level
  • Ranks - List of obtainable experience titles
  • Rob - Steal credits from other users (Use at your own risk)


  • Help - Full command list w/ Youtube Tutorials or specify a command for a more detailed breakdown
  • Info - Basic information about the bot
  • Invite - Invite links for the bot and support server
  • Ping - Connection test to discord
  • Prefix - Change/Reset the bots prefix for your server
  • Premium - List of benefits for premium users
  • User - Information of a mentioned user or yourself
  • Vote - Vote links for the bot


Need help getting started? Watch our YouTube series here: Soccer Guru


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