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Warframe bot adds numerous commands that give you real time statistics, whether it's the time or which alerts are currently available,






Warframe Discord Bot

A discord bot that provides real time information about warframe.

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Shows the current time for Plains of Eidolon and a countdown to when it turns night / day.


Shows all the current alerts, locations, gamemodes, loot rewards, enemy levels, and time left.

More soon

More commands are on the way!

Want to help?

Feel free to contribute with anything, I'm a newbie at this and appreciate any help!

Want to run it yourself?

Download app.js and install the npm modules discord.js and snekfetch You will also have to make a config.json file in the same folder as app.js, inside you'll need to place this in and replace the token with your bot token.

{ "token"  : "MTg-this-IzNzU3OTA5NjA-is.not-DCeFB-a.real-r4DQlO-t0ken-qerT0",
  "prefix" : "+"


We use the warframestat.us API found here

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