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Kyouko Kasodani

a Simple bot She can do multiple RP action some naughty one too she also welcome new comer in server!






Hi! im Kyouko! i can do alot of thing ^^ like give hug give little kiss even more! i also can go deeper into rp for go in the NSFW (can be turn off) i love to do NSFW thing and i love to do normal thing too i can be pretty useful ^^ if you want to give sugestion ^^ Feel free to do it! the Commande for help is !Help ^^ (Her NSFW Commande arent yet added) and more rp commande are coming soon and she gonna have her own website soon! She will soon have a Gold Setting and action and commande for give or remove gold even a shop! (not sure) Currently being reworked wont be online but will be back soon

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