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Simple music bot with server managing features and funny stuff :)




Jackson the music bot.

Jackson is a simple music bot enhancing the pleasure of sharing music.
You can basically listen to any song, directly from YouTube.

But, many bot do this really well. Why should you use Jackson ?
You have many commands as !vol - !skip - !loop - !stop - !sound
But Jackson offers you a lot of command to manage your server.
You can also set an AutoRole when an user joins, makes someone vocally server muted, kick or ban somebody.

The bot is currently under development. As i have a work, a girlfriend and a social life, i'm keeping a rythm of 1 to 3 feature(s)/week.

You can see cats and dogs with the brand new !cat !dog commands Added the !chucknorris command to see some chucknorris facts!

Features to come :

Meme generator command
Play sound from soundcloud
Ascii live generator command
Better user interaction (working on it everytime i push something on the bot)
And many more ! Don't hesitate making any suggestion :)

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