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Quran Karim Bot is a bot to play Quran in a voice channel



Quran Karim Bot

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Quran Karim Bot is a verified discord bot to play Quran Karim from 10 different readers in a voice channel. It can also share adkar and hadith in a text channel.


Voice Commands

  • qquran1 : Play Quran From [Fares Abed]
  • qquran2 : Play Quran From [Omar Al Kazabri]
  • qquran3 : Play Quran From [Maher Al Moaayqili]
  • qquran4 : Play Quran From [Saad Al Ghamdii]
  • qquran5 : Play Quran From [Yasser Dossri]
  • qquran6 : Play Quran From [Kamel Al Manchaoui]
  • qquran7 : Play Quran From [Naser Al Qatami]
  • qquran8 : Play Quran From [Abd Al Baset Abd Samed]
  • qquran9 : Play Quran From [Abd Al Wadud Huneif]
  • qquran10 : Play Quran From [Abd Al Waliy Al Arqani]

Chat Commands

  • qadkar : Share some adkar in the text channel
  • qhadith : Shares some hadith in the text channel

General Commands

  • qinvite : Gives you the bot's invite link
  • qdonate : Gives you the paypal link
  • qinfo : Gives a little informations about the bot
  • qhelp : List all of bot commands or shows informations about a specific command.

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