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Collect and Trade various anime and manga characters with global economy!


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Anniversary Event Is Live!

🧁Tsuma is back with another seasonal Event, and she invites everyone to join her in the birthday festivities! Celebrating this lovely time of the year, we've picked 6 pairs of Celebratory Tsumas (yes, 12 of them!) to be collectible during this 14-day Event. The Celebratory Tsumas will be acquired via claiming and merging from this time's Event Shards, cupcakes! 🧁 🎊 Anniversary Quests 🎊 There will be special limited Anniversary quests for this event only! Make sure you check up on them using t.quest or t.q Quest Information: -Get a slice of cake (obtain 1 event shard) -Get two slices of cake (obtain 2 event shards) -Celebrate with friends (obtain an event tsuma) -Wondertrade a Celebratory Tsuma (no explanation needed) 🎊 Puzzle Quest 🎊 There will be an extra quest that will allow you to receive a chest upon completion. -Complete normal quests, and you have a chance at receiving a Puzzle Piece 🧩 that goes towards your completion. -Once you have 9 Puzzle Pieces 🧩, you will be able to collect the quest ONCE in exchange for a chest. 🎊 Free Gifts 🎊 Limited time free chests will be available for this event. All you have to do is daily/premiumdaily and you will receive your chests -All users will be able to receive their free chest via “t.daily” command -Premium users have access to an extra chest via “t.premiumdaily” command!


Tsumabot - Anime & Manga Trading Bot

Tsumabot is a bot where you collect your favorite anime and manga related characters! One of the core values of our bot is to be as welcoming as possible so we present many of our features in a simple yet interesting way while having a helpful community. We work our hardest to add features that the community wants.

This bot is made by the community for the community with many of the staff being experienced with discord bots.

  • Extensive claming system with hints
  • Various gacha systems, Quests / Dungeons / Bounties / Wondertrade and more!
  • Collect and trade with a global inventory, take your tsumas to any server you wish
  • Claim / Follis based leaderboard
  • User Referral System
  • Simple character voting
  • User Marriages
  • Special events throughout the year

Help Support the bot by donating and get Premium Perks! Donate Link

Getting Started

Use the invite button above to invite the bot to your server. If a welcome channel is specified & tsumabot has permission it will send an embed with information.

To Get started with spawning, use t.redirect in the channel you wish to have spawns | note. server member count will influence spawn timers

To Set a new prefix for the bot, use t.setprefix < newprefix> , Mentioning the bot will tell you the current prefix or use the botmention as the prefix to run commands

Admin Commands Description
t.redirect Grabs current channel and sets it as the spawn room for tsumas to spawn
t.setprefix < prefix> Sets bot prefix for commands
t.checkperms Sends info if the bot can, showing what permissions to the channel are missing
General Commands Description
t.help Lists all commands for the bot
t.claim < tsumaname> When a spawn appears use claim with tsuma name to claim the tsuma
t.hint Shows a hangman style letters making it easier to get the tsuma name up to 3 times
t.harem Shows all owned tsuma, can use special prefixes to sort, use t.help for filter list
t.search < name> Searches for a tsuma by name
t.tsumaimages < name/id> Shows all current images for tsuma
t.searchseries < name/id> Shows all current tsuma from a series
t.lookup < name/id> Search for tsumas info
t.cooldowns Shows current cooldowns for different commands
t.invite Gives you an invite link to add the bot to your own server
t.votebot Gives you a link to vote on top.gg and get rewards
t.server Provides a link to support server
t.premium links you to donate page to get premium rewards for supporting

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