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Embed messages are now supported!

Hello everyone, Invite Tracker is now supporting Embed messages! You can easily configure a 100% customizable embed message for your server in our dashboard (!

Announcement Published

💻 Check out our web dashboard, it will help you configure the bot!

📋 Read the documentation to learn how to configure the bot!

🔧 Features and functions

  • Easy configuration for the join messages.
  • Easy configuration for the leave messages.
  • Easy configuration for the join messages in private messages.
  • Create Giveaways with requirements and role entry booster!
  • Reward members with a role when they reach x amount of messages sent.
  • Leaderboard which will display members with the most invites in your server.
  • Display statistics about your server (joins stats and leaves stats).

🚀 Configuration

  • -configmessage Setup join/leave/joindm messages.
  • -configchannel Setup join/leave channel.
  • -configenable Enable/disable the join/leave/joindm messages.

🔑 Administration commands

  • -setprefix Define the new prefix of the bot for this server.

  • -setlang Define the language of the bot for this server.

  • -addbonus Add bonus invite to a member.

  • -removebonus Remove bonus invite to a member.

  • -resetinvites Reset invites for a member or the whole server.

🏅 Rewards roles

  • -addrole Define a new reward role.
  • -removerole Remove an existant reward role.
  • -rewardsroles Display existant rewards roles.

🎉 Giveaways commands

  • -gstart Start the giveaway creation process.
  • -gend End a specific giveaway.
  • -gdelete Delete a specific giveaway.
  • -glist Display a list with every running giveaways on your server.
  • -greroll Reroll a specific giveaway.
  • -gblacklist Add/remove a role from the giveaway blacklist.
  • -gbypass Add/remove a role from the giveaway bypass list.

🤵 User commands

  • -invites (@user) Display your invites or the mentionned user's one
  • -leaderboard Display the leaderboard.
  • -stats Displays statistics about members joins/leaves history.
  • -help Display the help page.
  • -infos Display informations about the bot.
  • -add Send a link to invite the bot.
  • -support Send a invite link to the support discord.

    If you want the bot to properly work, you will need to grant him the Manage Server, Manage Roles, Manage Channels, Manage Messages permissions and every normal permissions a user should have.
    If you have any questions, suggestions or if you need support, join our support discord server here.

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