Solanum has recently rebooted and is still in beta testing! It works as it should, but may have a few bugs along the way so please be patient!

Solanum is designed around being a middle ground for your bot needs. Providing moderation for those pesky troublemakers, while providing the fun and excitment for those valued members of the community!

We also want to provide you with the facts, which is why we provide you with as much information as possible for your server, from a list of your emojis, to user and server information and what permissions you have for certain channels. You'll know everything you need to by typing a simple command

We hope you enjoy our services and feel free to join the support discord for anything else you may need!


Solanum provides a wide variety of customization, such as;
* Unique Welcome and Leave messages which welcomes new members with your own personalised text and setup
* Different types of Welcome/Leave messages such as customized text or a statistic style format
* Custom prefix for your server, make it easier to use the bot!
* Automatic role setup for new members! Get them to join a new member role from the second they join!
* Choice of having a moderation log channel which shows all the mutes/bans/kicks/warnings
* Choice of having a user logging channel, showing members joining and leaving with the above settings.
* And much more!

Command List

Mod Potato Moderation

Command Description Usage
warn Adds a warning to a specified user s!warn 150013705252372480 Disrespecting Staff
s!warn [@User/ID] [Reason]
mute Allows you to mute users with a reason s!mute 150013705252372480 Disrespecting Staff
s!mute [@User/ID] [Reason]
tempmute Mutes a user for a certain amount of time s!tempmute 150013705252372480 1d
s!tempmute [@User/ID] [Time]
kick Kicks a user from the server with a reason s!kick 150013705252372480 Disrespecting Staff
s!kick [@User/ID] [Reason]
ban Bans a user from the server with a reason s!ban 150013705252372480 Disrespecting Staff
s!ban [@User/ID] [Reason]
lockdown Locks down the channel the command is ran in for a specified time s!lockdown 5h
s!lockdown unlock
purge Deletes up to 100 messages at a time, you can also specify the user s!purge 100 150013705252372480
s!purge [#OfMessages] [@User/ID]
unmute Un-mutes a muted user s!unmute 150013705252372480
s!unmute [@User/ID]
unban Un-bans a banned user s!unban 150013705252372480
s!unban [ID]

Info Potato Informative

Command Description Usage
avatar Shows you either your own, or the specfied user's avatar s!avatar 150013705252372480
s!avatar [@User/ID]
emojis Shows you all of the server emojis s!emojis
findusers Shows you all the users in the server based off your search term s!findusers metz
s!findusers [SearchTerm]
help This will give you all the available commands, server prefix and useful links s!help
invite Provides an invite link for the bot s!invite
npm Search for a package on the NPM website s!npm discord.js
s!npm [Module]
perms Shows you your available permissions for the channel s!perms
ping Returns the bots latency s!ping
servericon Shows you the servers icon s!servericon
serverinfo Shows a variety of information on the server s!serverinfo
spotify Shows what the specified user is listening to on Spotify s!spotify 150013705252372480
s!spotify [@User/ID]
stats Shows you bot statistics s!stats
strikes Lists all strikes on the server for the specified user s!strikes 150013705252372480
s!strikes [@User/ID]
urban Want to know the meaning of a word? Urban is what you need! s!urban Solanum
s!urban [SearchTerm]
userinfo Shows a variety of information on the specified user s!userinfo 150013705252372480
s!userinfo [@User/ID]

Fun Potato Fun

Command Description Usage
cat Shows you some cute cat pictures! s!cat
dice Roll the dice for a number between 1 and 6 s!dice
say Make Solanum say anything! (Please be gentle with her) s!say Metzey rules!
s!say [message]
solaball See what Solanum thinks of your questions s!solaball do you believe in magic?
s!solaball [question]

Admin Potato Administration

Command Description Usage
config Allows you to set up any server customizable settings, change them, or reset them s!config
s!config help
poll Posts a server poll with yes or no votes s!poll Do you like Solanum?
s!poll [question]
sremind Sets a server reminder with your message s!sremind 2d Giveaway is over!
s!sremind [time] [reminder]

Admin Potato Miscellaneous

Command Description Usage
bug Sends a bug report to the bot owner s!bug Bugged help command!
s!bug [report]
hastebin Posts anything after the intial command into a hastebin file s!hastebin print("hello world")
s!hastebin [code]
profile Create your own profile within Solanum! s!profile
s!profile create
remindme Sends a personal reminder s!remindme 12h vote for Solanum
s!remindme [time] [message]
suggest Sends a suggestion to the bot owner s!suggest cool commands
s!suggest [suggestion]
shorten Shortens a link you provide s!shorten www.google.com
s!shorten [link]

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