Add jackpot, roulette, cups game and more on your discord server!

GamblingBot Commands Prefix: !

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Created By: Kysune# 6825


Bot require his own channel named gambling-bot (he only working on this channel). Why? To be legible and the gambling bot sending async messages.e.g. when jackpot round is over.

Getting Started

Enter #gambling-bot channel and write !help.

Currenly Features:

  • Wallet (seperated on separated for each server)
  • Players ranking (seperated on separated for each server)
  • Games:
    • Jackpot
    • Roulette
    • Cups Game
    • Guess Number Game
    • Fruits Slot Machine
    • Blackjack cards game
  • Money earning methods:
    • Daily reward (with counting combo days)
    • Money for upvote server

and more

Server owner's features

  • You can change bot's prefix by sending direct message to bot

Test it!

You can join on bot's support server and test it! :D

Ideas or bugs?

Visit our support server. https://discord.gg/ATAKVMY