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An utility bot with music feature.



Kaho Hinata

Kaho Hinata is fun and interactive bot with lots of cool stuff like music and economy.

How Does the Economy Work?

How the economy works is that if you work at one times, you will get random money per work. That is how the economy works.

What are the commands?

Here are the commands (also including categories) and their descriptions;

General Commands

Command Description
/help Gives you a list of the commands including categories!
/invite Gives you the invite of the bot!
/clock Shows time in Indonesia.
/calc Solve simple or complex math equations.
/weather Shows weather on a location.

Music Commands

Command Description
/play Searches YouTube for results of a URL.
/pause Pauses the currently playing track.
/skip Skips the currently playing song.
/stop Stops the currently playing song and bot will leaves the channel.
/resume Resume paused music.
/volume Check or change the current volume.
/queue View the queue.
/np Shows what song the bot is currently playing.

@pastipasmang Creator: Carl#9864

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