Fairy Tail RPG

An RPG bot, get Fairy Tail RPG in your server and start your wizard adventure. Economy, level system, Quests and much more comming soon !

An RPG bot made to get you started on your wizard adventure

Commands : Help Message
ft.botinfo: Information about the bot Cotains bot invite and support server links
ft.prefix <prefix>: Change the prefix for your server (Should be less than or equal to 3 characters). Example: ft.prefix ftb. Required Permission: Manage Server
ft.start/begin <wizard name>: Create your wizard. Example: ft.start natsu dragneel

You Must Create a Wizard before using the commands Below : Information about your wizard
ft.rename/name <wizard name>: Rename your wizard. Example: ft.rename zeref dragneel
ft.type/class: Change your magic type, has a cooldown of 24 hours
ft.balance/bal: Number of Jewels your wizard has
ft.transfer/give <user> <amount>: Transfers amount number of jewels to the user mentioned. Example: ft.transfer @Assassin umz#3274 50 <page>: List of Avalaible Jobs
ft.job/accept <number>: Accepts a Job. Example: ft.job 1
ft.status: Information about the active Job
ft.abandon/quit: Abandons the current active Job
ft.boosters/boost: Buy boosters for your mage

Also Contains a level system for your wizard
If you have any feedbacks DM the developer or Join the support server.

More Features Comming Soon!