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!r_ta - Best options update mines !r_s [level_1] [level_2] - The output value to improve a warehouse to [level_1] or from [level_1] to [level_2] !r_sw [volume] - Display the level and the total value of the stock of volume !r_hq [level] - Output the necessary resources to improve HQ !r_p [level_1] [level_2] - Conclusion of necessary resources to improve the factory to [level_1] or from [level_1] to [level_2]. Factory selection on next step !r_sp [level_1] [level_2] - Conclusion of necessary resources to improve special buildings to [level_1] or from [level_1] to [level_2]. Special building selection on next step !r_btb [level] - Lock receiving money and goods through the chat on the player's level !r_cargo [level] [views] - Calculates the quantity of umbrellas for the quests to the player's level and the number of views of commercials a day