Rust Bot


Provides in-game info for Rust, including item, destruction, puzzle, and smelting details.

Rust Bot

Provides details, including workbench level, scrap to research, and ingredients, for all craftable items pulled from Rust Labs.

Provides destruction details, including required Explosive 5.56 / Satchels / C4 / Rockets / Beancans, for almost all destroyable items.

Provides puzzle details, including rad protection, requirements, loot, and steps to solve, for all monument puzzles.

Provides smelting details, including efficient stack size, wood, result, and time, for furnaces and oil refinery.

With Premium, easily manage researched items by team accross all Rust servers. Upgrade to Premium for free, use r/upgrade for help with upgrading.

Command Description
r/help list all commands
r/item list items details
r/destr list destruction details
r/puzzle list puzzle details
r/furn list smelting details for furnace
r/furnl list smelting details for large furnace
r/oil list smelting details for small oil refinery
r/example list command examples
r/upgrade how to upgrade to Premium
r/comment post comment to support server
r/bp list stored blueprints
r/bpadd add user blueprint
r/bpdel delete user blueprint
r/bpclear delete stored blueprints
r/serv list stored Rust servers
r/servadd add Rust server
r/servdel delete Rust server
r/servmove move server index
r/team list all teams for server
r/teamadd add team or team member
r/teamdel delete team member
r/teamclear delete team

Join Support Server or use r/comment to raise an issue, comment, or suggestion. Visit support channels to view and test commands, including Premium.