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Most complete all-in-one calendar bot for discord! Events, timezones, polls, reminders, customization, archiving, logging and much more!


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The Raid-Helper calendar bot!

Forget about external calendars to organize your events! Now you can do it all within discord.
Raid-Helper is the most complete and arguably best calendar bot available!

Why Raid-Helper over other calendar bots ?

Raid-Helper has the most advanced feature set, we provide a great range of customization options and freedom of choice. We are focused on MMOs, but can as easily be used for any generic scheduling! Post events with a template of your choice and let your users sign up with a single click. A wide variety of administrative features awaits your for free! Create and edit events, customize colors/images/layout, send a reminder into a channel, limit signups by amount or role, mention users/roles on creation, add users, remove users, heck even add fake users! Your users are lazy ? Let them opt-out instead of signing up! Events will auto-close once they start, want them to close earlier ? You name it, Raid-Helper will do it. And if it can't we'll implement it!

You will not feel restricted without premium, all core functionalities are free! But if you do go for it you can get it for as cheap as 3€ per month or even cheaper with the lifetime premium! Raid-Helper offers a few features that no other calendar bot offers.
For example our mirroring feature, which enables you to have the same event sync across different discord servers! More notable premium features are: event logging, automatic archiving, recurring events, user specific DM reminders and fully customizable templates with your own emotes!

Have questions ? Join our support server and ask ahead, I am available for questions there every day all day!

Creating an event with !createevent
creating a normal event and showing the reasoning response feature

Creating an event with !quickcreate
quickcreate command with the basic template

Creating a retail wow event with spec saving and an image
retail wow event and spec saving

Creating a custom template event
custom template setup

The !item command for classic wow
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  • create events of different templates
  • create events connected to softres.it
  • create polls/strawpolls
  • dynamic timezones
  • Spec choice and spec saving for templates with more specs than fit the reactions
  • different styles for the block title letters
  • customize your displayed date format
  • add image to the event embed
  • auto deletion of events at specified time
  • edit all properties of an event
  • closed events decline further signups
  • show reset timers for classic 20 man raids
  • message or list all signed or unsigned members of an event
  • opt-out feature (instead of opt-in)
  • mention at event creation
  • announcement # minutes before the event
  • set limits to signups, classes or roles
  • custom templates (premium)
  • automatically recurring events (premium)
  • logging (premium)
  • mirrored events (premium)
  • servers event overview (auto updating with premium)

Have any questions?:

Join the support server and ask ahead, I'm usually very active there and answer 99% of questions!

User Reviews


Based on 12 reviews

avatar of Xnate
Xnate 2 months ago

Great bot overall, a lot of features are available. Bot is evolving pretty fast with community suggestions. A great and fast support is available on the Raid-Helper discord Highly recommend !


avatar of Greyorc
Greyorc 2 months ago

We use the bot for WoW Classic raiding and event sign-ups. It is very convenient and easy to use.


avatar of Bionaire
Bionaire 2 months ago

We use this bot on our Discord mainly for ESO and Vote, easy to use and there is a lot of options when putting up events. I highly recommend this Bot.


avatar of rale
rale 2 months ago

We use it for World of Warcraft, it's amazing and Mitmoc adds new features all the time! Great work and thank you!


avatar of ||Dreaming||
||Dreaming|| 1 month ago

Best bot I've used in a while, clean interfaces and easy to use commands!


avatar of Stygia
Stygia 1 month ago

Couldn't imagine organizing raids without it anymore!


avatar of Geroin
Geroin 2 months ago

A good bot for collecting your friends, but it's a pity Discord itself limits the number of emotions. The developer is actively developing it and adding new features. Everything will answer your questions.


avatar of Medic
Medic 2 months ago

We use this bot for Wow classic raiding and all I can say is it is a MUST have. The support is out of this world from the dev., the bot is amazing, the only thing it will not do is make my coffee and I am 99% sure the dev. is working on that! GET THIS BOT!


avatar of D4rK
D4rK 1 month ago

Simply Amazing.


avatar of Compact
Compact 1 month ago

We use the bot a lot for lots of events every week, it has a lot of amazing features and makes raid hosting way easier! The bot owner is still developing the bot and adds new features very often, the support he provides for when users encounters some issues / challenges is excellent, he always replies super fast and is very helpful. Amazing bot, amazing owner.


avatar of Royal
Royal 1 month ago

great bot for organizing pugs, 10/10, would use again!


avatar of Nomas
Nomas 11 days ago

We use this bot to organize ArmA 3 events of all types and my opinion so far is: The best event organizing bot out there, and the creator is friendly and will try to help when needed. New features keep getting added and it is only getting better. 10/10 would recommend:D