Created By: Sv3n# 0628

MusicMan has many functions to play music on your guild.


    • -dj - Show how to set the dj role. You need the DJ role to execute all music commands. (requires guild owner to run)
    • The followring commands require the DJ role.

    • -join - The bot joins your voice channel.
    • -leave - The bot leaves your voice channel.
    • -play url - Plays a specific song.
    • -stop - Stops playing and leaves the voice channel.
    • -pause / -resume - Stops or resumes the current tack.
    • -skip - Skips the current tack.
    • -loop - Repeates the current song.
    • -now - Show informations about the current tack.
    • -volume number - Sets the players volume.
    • -queue - Shows the queued tacks.
    • -ncs - Plays non stop ncs music.

     Other commands for everyone:

    • -info - Shows some informations about the bot.
    • -ping - Shows the bots ping.
    • -invite - Sends an invite link.
    • -help - Shows all commands.

Click me to get the invitelink.