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Protect your server against automated bots and fake user.


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VerificationBot protects your guild against automated bots.

     Commands only for the guild owner:

The bot role must be higher than the verification roles!

    • -setup - Explains how to setup the verification system.
    • -enable - Enables the verification system on your guild. (First setup all setup settings!)
    • -disable - Disables the verification system on your guild.

     Other commands:

    • -help - Shows you all commands
    • -uptime - Shows the bots uptime.
    • -ping - Shows if the bot is activ.
    • -invite - Explains you how to invite the bot to your guild.

     How to setup the bot: (requires guild owner to run)

    • -setup nonverifiedrole 'roleid or mention' ▸ Set the non verified role. (This role gets the user, when he joins the server)
    • -setup verifiedrole 'roleid or mention' ▸ Set the verified role. (This role gets the user, when is verified)
    • -setup logchannel 'channelid or current channel' ▸ Sets the log channel. (In this channel, the bot sends messages about new verifications)
    • -setup cmdchannel 'channelid or current channel' ▸ Sets the command channel. (Verification command only in this channel)
    • When you are finished use '-enable' to enable to verification system.

      If a user joins now the guild, he automatically gets a maths captcha via DM. The also gets the non verified role.

      If the user solves the equation, he automatically gets the verified role. (the bot removes the non verified role)

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VerificationBot 2 months ago

Hey, sorry for the trubble, but we had problems with discords gateaway and had to wait 4 weeks for an answer from discord. But now everything works fine again. :^)

Replying to Dr.Pork