Lucy bot


A multi purpose bot , should fill ur needs for fun , prank and light moderation commands.

Created By: Heartfilia# 0002

Moderation (Currently in test phase) Fun commands- Spend hours playing with this bot , because the commands are way to easy and fun! Pranks- Nitro prank or be Hacking pranks , it has everything! Music- Music will be out soon! The sound quality will be something worth it? google search options also available! lazy to open YouTube? no worries bot has you covered with YouTube search options! easier interface for new users! Simplest command forms for easy bot usage. get to know everything with !help command Join our Bot's Official discord server using !server Invite feature out soon love memes? don't we all? Yes our bot has meme option! Just use - !meme Got suggestions or improvements? We accept everything! Loving our bot? Please let us know by up voting our bot because why not