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Get some lovable pets, grow them, train them, keep them safe.

Pet Bot

Pet Bot is a virtual pet simulator. You can adopt multiple pets and ensure that they are kept loved. Pets have a chance to develop health issues that you need to take care of. Forgetting about your pet will cause them to be taken away. You can request commands or report bugs in the discord. Have fun taking care of your pets!


Adoption of pets

Multiple pet types

Economy with a dynamic market and user market available to all

Make any trick of your choice for your pet

Get new baby pets by mating two of your pets

Share your pets with other players, or just give them to others

Have the sitter take care of your pets when you're away

Cure your pets of sicknesses when they get them or before they do

Startup Guide

Getting started with Pet Bot is really easy. The bot provides a beginners guide (the guide command) that shows you step by step which commands are required to properly take care of your pet.

Caring for Pets

Caring for your pets is important, as they can be taken away and, in severe cases, even die. You need to make sure your pet is fed and watered, depending on the pet, the rate at which you need to do this changes. You can get items from the regular market with "pet!buy" (to list items),

Other than making sure they have basic needs, you also need to make sure they are exercised, socialized, happy and healthy. To make sure they are healthy, you should take them to the vet (pet!vet [pet]) when you see their health get lower. Pet's health increases over time, max health will decrease when your pet's natural life is nearing end. You can see a full list of commands here.

So what if your pet is losing health and you took it to the vet and it has a health issue? You're all good! You just need to give them the proper item based on what they have, you can see sicknesses here for more info.


Pet Bot offers an in-game economy system complete with a supply/demand driven market run by the computer and a user market driven by our community. Voting gives you in-game currency, Check out the vote command for more details.


Pet Bot has many limits to prevent overuse and give everyone a fun experience with the bot while keeping running costs low so that we can go forever, patrons can help maintain and improve the bot by donating as little as $3/mo.

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avatar of chark
chark 26 days ago

i liked it until it forced me to watch ads to vote and the ads never stop playing. it doesn’t let me vote anymore and im incredibly disappointed

avatar of Pet Bot
Pet Bot 26 days ago

Hello, This is not our fault, top.gg has decided to forcibly implement ads on voting. we have adjusted our economy accordingly to let this work better.

Replying to chark

avatar of dolphin
dolphin 26 days ago

Everythings okay but when i tried to vote it kept making me watch ads that last 2 min

avatar of Pet Bot
Pet Bot 26 days ago

Hello, This is not our fault, top.gg has decided to forcibly implement ads on voting. We have adjusted our bot's economy accordingly to require votes less.

Replying to dolphin

avatar of SuperEntei
SuperEntei 28 days ago


avatar of Pet Bot
Pet Bot 28 days ago

Thank you for your support :)

Replying to SuperEntei

avatar of 🐞 Turbo 🐞
🐞 Turbo 🐞 28 days ago

Hey, I tried to give my pet the heartwormtreatment and it always says I don't have a pet with that name.. I literally copied and paste the pets name and still says the same! Please fix it..

avatar of Pet Bot
Pet Bot 28 days ago

Hello, please join the support server so that we can help you better.

Replying to 🐞 Turbo 🐞

avatar of Continuous
Continuous 17 days ago

i love all the pets, but :( everything so expensive. they took my pet while i was sleeping bc i couldn't feed her while asleep, and i don't have the funds too buy her back because all the commands are on cool down for a long time. i also feel like they're going to take my other pet because the medicine for him is too expensive even with nearly 800 in bank. I know its economy is community driven but it makes me sad it takes over 1,000 to get back a pet it give certain treatments, when i can't be on at night when i need sleep, outside of that its really nice to have a digital pet since i'm not in a situation where i can get one offline yet! the pets are cute and me and my friends love having them in the server!


avatar of Sarvajit
Sarvajit 7 days ago

I am not able to cure my dig of fleas


avatar of Baby Chibi
Baby Chibi 3 days ago

It is all fun until you are going to vote, When you do, either the add endlessly plays or it pauses and won’t load, otherwise, my only concern is that you have to wait so long for money, please could you add more money cmds


avatar of ᴏᴊ_ᴏx.ᴍᴘ4
ᴏᴊ_ᴏx.ᴍᴘ4 26 days ago


avatar of Pet Bot
Pet Bot 26 days ago

Thank you for your support :)

Replying to ᴏᴊ_ᴏx.ᴍᴘ4

avatar of Karya Tuhan
Karya Tuhan 8 days ago

A good bot


avatar of haru
haru 25 days ago

I cannot retrieve my pet back from sitter after using the command "retrieve".

avatar of Pet Bot
Pet Bot 25 days ago

Hello, to get your pet back from the sitter you need to use pet!sit again, not retrieve

Replying to haru

avatar of Christmas_Lorelai
Christmas_Lorelai 21 days ago

Pretty good! I have a suggestion though, Dog and cat variants (collie, boarder collie, beagle, labrodor, retriver, bulldog etc) and furby would be cool