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Custom Matchmaking and ELO Rating Bot. Create a leaderboard for any game or tournament. Host and join any game across Discord servers.


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Matchmaking for any Game

  • Find matchmaking lobbies across different Discord server.
    • If there are no lobbies available then Team Up will keep looking and send you a notification when a new lobby matches your search.
  • Turn your own Discord server into a matchmaking lobby that members of other Discord servers can find and join.

Leaderboard for any Game or Tournament

  • Record wins, losses, and draws for any game or tournament.
  • ELO ratings automatically assigned and updated for each game recorded.
  • Team Up maintains a separate ELO rating for each game, tournament and team.
    • Playing with a new team will not affect your ELO ratings with other teams or solo ELO rating.
  • Recording can only be made by admins or members given the "Record Keeper" role.
  • Ability to undo game recordings made in error.
  • Share personalized links to the leaderboard.


Host a Game


Host a 2v2 Counter Strike GO game.

!h 2v2 Counter Strike GO Knives Only Dust

Host a 5 player Escape from Tarkov game.

!h 5 Escape from Tarkov

Search for a Game


Search for a 2v2 Counter Strike game.

!se counter strike 2v2 dust

Search for any game.


Record the Result of a Game

This will create a leaderboard for the game.


Record the result of a 2v2 Counter Strike game.

!record #1 @player1 @player2 #2 @player3 @player4 Counter Strike

Record the result of draw.

!record #1 @player1 #1 @player3 Chess Blitz

More Commands and Examples

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Best bot so far. Helps you find people to play together and kick ass! Been using it with my boys on Tarkov and CSGO and it works like magic. big thumbs up