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Enjoy cute commands, moderation, and fight alongside your friends in a DND style adventure!


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Hi, I'm Yuudachi Kai A Cute, Multipurpose Discord bot for you and your server.

I can play music for you, Yes! I sing well. >_<

I have Many Fun, Utility commands like 8ball, If you are confused and can't decide between multiple options I'll help you. My smol hands can also Flip a Coin. Did you know I also have a stopwatch and many more features like this...

I can get Anime, Manga, Game, Movie data for you ^ᴗ^

Ever wanted to go on adventures with your friends? I've a adventure command with lotta fun stuff, 82000 items, monsters. Unlike other bots, I don't disturb you with pings :AKShy:

I have Roleplay commands like Pat, Cuddle, Kiss (ノωヾ)

The best thing about memories is, making them. You can gather all the precious moments, memories in your server with just a simple but neat Starboard System, You can also add custom reaction. It's your memories afterall.

A Server-based Economy system where you can customize almost everything, with shop system.

And many more ♡

Links ->

Guide/Documentation - https://yuudachi-poi.xyz/

Support Server - https://discord.gg/QAhhre9

If you meet any issue, you can join our support server and ask there. ♡

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