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It’s Alexa, but for Discord. A voice activated Discord Bot with hand free controls


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It’s Alexa, but for Discord

A Voice Commanded Discord Bot with hand free controls

Getting Started

Type “alexuh join” to have her join you in voice channel

Type “alexuh help” to see list of commands

No More Alt+Tab

Don’t switch tabs to change the music, keep your gameplay uninterrupted and tell it to Alexuh.

  • Control the Music (Alexuh, play Despacito)
  • Control the Players (Alexuh, move Timmy to Timeout)
  • Control the Server (Alexuh, kick Wumpus)

Voice Commands

  • Alexuh, Mic Check
  • Alexuh, Tell me a Joke
  • Alexuh, Play Despacito
  • Alexuh, Volume 8 (1 - 10)
  • Alexuh, Pause
  • Alexuh, Resume
  • Alexuh, Stop
  • Alexuh, Move Tyler to Lobby (Lobby = Voice Channel Name)
  • Alexuh, Move Me to Lobby
  • Alexuh, Kick Tim
  • Alexuh, Mute Gerald | Alexuh, Unmute Gerald
  • Alexuh, Mute Everyone | Alexuh, Unmute Everyone
  • Alexuh, Show me a Tiger (Tiger can be anything)
  • Alexuh, Give me a Waifu
  • Alexuh, Roast Tyler (Tyler = any name)
  • Alexuh, Roast Me
  • Alexuh, Spell Lantern (Lantern = any word)
  • Alexuh, Repeat
  • Alexuh, Leave

Text Commands

  • Alexuh, Join
  • Alexuh, Vote
  • Alexuh, TTS You Like Jazz? (TTS = Text to Speech)
  • Alexuh, Play Despacito
  • Alexuh, Stop
  • Alexuh, Pause
  • Alexuh, Resume
  • Alexuh, Ping (Checks latency)
  • Alexuh, Leave
  • Alexuh, History (Logs Usage History)

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