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A Discord bot of moderation, administration, economy but also fun, and useful!


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Luis Baker

Luis Baker

Complete Bot Sloth offers

✉️ Support for commands in direct messages

🇫🇷 Support for translations (illimited languages)

⚙️ Guild configuration (prefix, ignored channels, etc...)

😀 Commands made pleasant thanks to the many emojis

Sloth also adds a new mention like @everyone and @here, the @someone, which allows you to pick a random member of the server!

Many commands Sloth has a lot of features, with 7 main categories:

👩‍💼 Administration: slowmode, welcome, addcommand, automod, backup and 11 more!

🚓 Moderation: see-warns, setlogs, checkinvites, poll, and 6 more!

ğŸŽµ Music: play, skip, queue, skip, and 7 more!

💰 Economy: profile, work, badge, slots, balance, leaderboard, and 6 more!

👻 Fun: lmg, findwords, flip, lovecalc, random and 6 more!

🖨️ General: minimize, setafk, translate, remindme, hastebin, fortnite, minecraft and 10 more!

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