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Rocket Planet is a verified Rocket League bot that allows players from any platform, even Epic Games and Switch, to view their rank, stats, and clubs. Search shop catalogues, challenges, playlist populations, and more!

Players can search each other by Discord mention (provided the user has saved a profile), PlayStation gamertag, Rocket ID, Steam ID or vanity, or Xbox gamertag!

  • Auto-News - Receive immediate Rocket League news updates with!
  • Auto-Servers - Receive immediate Rocket League server updates with!
  • Auto-Tournaments - Never miss a scheduled tournament with!

Visit the Rocket Planet website to see some example uses and responses!



For help, use Aditionally, you may use [?command] for more information about each command. For example, ranks.

  • Arguments preceded by ? are considered optional.

Management Commands Description Automatically display the current challenges. Automatically display the current news. Automatically display the current shop catalogues. Automatically display tournament updates.
General Commands Description
rl.challenges [?challenge-type] Display the current challenges.
rl.clubs [?platform] [?user] Display the player's club details.
rl.esports Display the current Esports events. [?platform] [?user] Saves a default profile for future queries. Display the current news.
rl.populations Display the current playlist populations. [?state] Play Rocket Planet Radio in the user's current voice channel.
rl.ranks [?rank-type] [?platform] [?user] Display the player's competitive ranks.
rl.rlcs [?rlcs-type] [?rlcs-region] Display the RLCS leaderboard.
rl.servers Display the current server status.
rl.shops [?shop-type] Display the current shop catalogues.
rl.stats [?platform] [?user] Display the player's statistics.
rl.tournaments Display the current scheduled tournaments.


  • Arguments preceded by ? are considered optional.
  • Arguments marked with * are considered default if omitted.

Arguments Options
challenge-type Argument may be:
  • Free*
  • Premium
platform Argument may be:
  • Epic*
  • PS4, PS5, PSN
  • Steam
  • Xbox
rank-type Argument may be:
  • Competitive*
  • Extras
rlcs-region Argument may be:
  • All*
  • EU, Europe
  • NA, North America
rlcs-type Argument may be:
  • Grid, The Grid
  • X*
shop-type Argument may be:
  • Bundle, Bundles
  • Featured*
state Argument may be:
  • Start*
  • Stop
user Argument may be:
  • Discord mention
  • Epic account ID or gamertag
  • PlayStation gamertag
  • Steam ID or vanity
  • Xbox gamertag
Additional Information:
  • If omitted, Rocket Planet will search the user's default profile.
  • The Discord mention option requires that the user mentioned has saved a default profile.

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