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Doob Bot

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Doob is a Multipurpose Discord Bot with a built in Leveling System, Great Logging Features, actual Fun, Fun commands, and best of all, the developer is very active, and develops on the bot frequently.

Earn Nitro!

Wait I can earn Nitro???? How!

It's EZ

  1. Join the Support Server.
  2. Do doob/dog until you get a Lucky Dog.
  3. Check #nitro-giveaways to see if a Nitro has been claimed for this week.
  4. If it hasn't, DM mmatt#0001 for 1 month of Nitro Classic!

Main Features

Doob has some great features, such as:

  • Logging
  • A Global Leveling System (with leaderbaord)
  • Server + User info
  • Rolling Dice
  • Echo Command (Patreon Only)
  • Dog Facts and Pictures (with some Lucky Dogs from Twitch Streamers) [Caught a Lucky Dog? Report a screenshot to mmatt#0001 on Discord to get free Nitro (classic)!]
  • Among Us Imposter/Not An Imposter commands
  • Low Latency
  • Customizable Server Features [Don't like Level Messages? Turn them off!]
  • Robust Moderation Commands
  • AND MORE! (coming soon)

Doob on the web.

What commands are there?

Use the doob/help command on Discord!


Doob Avatar: @KittyKay000

Doob Name: Me and my friend William in Biology.

Doob extensive help: @X Daniel

built with ♥, youtube tutorials, yelling at daniel in discord and stack overflow