Multipurpose Discord Bot named Doob.

Created By: mmatt# 0001

Doob Bot

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Doob is a new Discord bot coded by mmatt#0001.

Doob on the web.

The Doob Development Blog is avalilable over on my page

Can I use Doob right now?

Yes, but I must warn you there are not many features, and is in mid development.

What commands are there?

Right now you can do -help and get all of the commands. I will also tell you right here :)

Ban - Usage | -ban {-b} @username [reason]. Bans the member specified, permanently. Requires the Ban Member Permission.

ChangePrefix - Usage | -prefix { -changeprefix} prefix. Changes the prefix for this server. Requires the Administrator Permission.

Clear - Usage | -clear {-p,c, or purge} [amount]. Clears amount of messages specified. Default amount = 5 Requires the Manage Messages Permission.

Dev - Usage | -dev {-developer, or devteam} Shows the development team of Doob bot.

Help - Usage | -help { -commands} Shows a link to this page.

Info - Usage | -info {-botinfo} Gives basic info about Doob.

Invite - Usage | -invite Gives an invite link to the bot.

Kick - Usage | -kick {-k} member [reason]. Kicks the member specified. Requires the Kick Members Permission.

Ping - Usage | -ping. Shows the bot's latency between the Discord servers.

Profile - Usage | -profile {-userinfo} Either mention the user or say their id Gives the user some info about the user given.

SoftClear - Usage | -softclear {-sp, sc, or softpurge} Same thing as -clear, except the default value is 2.

Support - Usage | -support. Gives support server + dev's username.

Unban - Usage | -unban Username. Unbans a specific user. Requires Ban Members Permission

VCShare - Usage | -vcshare {-vc, -screenshare, -ss}. Gives link to screenshare in a voice channel. Must be in a voice channel to work. [FAN FAVORITE]

Warn - Usage | -warn {-w} member [reason]. Warns the user with a reason if provided. Requires the Manage Messages Permission.

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Want our stack? Here you go!

I don't know why you would ever want this, but I decided to make it because im bored.

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