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A DnD dice bot with information spells, items, etc.




A DnD bot information on Feats, Items, Spells, and More! Add Anna to your server

Anna is a Dungeons and Dragons Discord bot with the ability to roll dice, lookup information on Spells, Items, and Feats/Features.She uses slash commands to avoid conflicts with other bots


Roll dice


Specify the dice to roll. For example: 2d8 will roll 2, 8-sided dice. By default she rolls 1d20.


Want to keep the highest or lowest roll? This is the option for you. Completely optional parameter.


Add or substract from the end result. Optional parameter.


Ask Anna about a specific spell. Make sure to add spaces in spells like Fire bolt.


Ask Anna about a feat or feature. Some feats share the same name, so when possible, Anna will tell you about every single one.


Ask Anna about an item. She'll tell you the value of the item when applicable aswell as a description on the item's effects.

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