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Rumble Royale is a battle royale bot; every player will be put into a game where they fight against each other till there is only one winner

What is it?

Rumble Royale is a bot created for entertainment purposes. The bot simulates a battle royale; every player joining a Rumble Royale session will fight for survival one against the others. The last man standing will be awarded gold for his victory. With the gold, players can purchase backpacks and get new itemsphraseserastitles and more!

Important features:

  • Eras

Eras are themes/place in which the players play the Rumble Royale. Everyone starts in the classic era, which is very similar to the hunger games. Each era has its own set of phrases, weapons and loot. Unlocking new eras from backpacks adds a lot more loot options, and even better; it lets you start a Rumble Royale session for that era.

  • Items and phrases

New items and new phrases, which means your next Rumble Royale games will be even more entertaining. Basically, when unlocking a weapon/item from a backpack, that weapon becomes available to you in all your future Royal Rumbles sessions. Next to items you have phrases that you can unlock to make cooler, funnier or weirder moves in-game!

  • ?battle, starts a battle
  • ?profile, shows your profile
  • There is much more to tell you about, but just check it out yourself! 

If there is a problem, join the support server (?discord) 

Check out the amazing art on our twitter: https://twitter.com/RumbleRoyaleGG



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thepassward23345 1 month ago

Very good