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Bot to start music quizzes from Spotify playlists






BOT is not online. Due to Rate-limiting on Youtube search it's sadly not possible to keep the bot running

Discord music quiz bot

Start music quizzes from your Spotify playlists.
The bot will select random songs from the playlist and find them on Youtube to play. Participants can the guess the songs and their authors by typing in chat.

Use this link to add the bot to your discord channel.

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The bot can be started using the following command: !music-quiz {playlist-link/id} {songs} {answer-type}

songs: Amount of songs to be selected for the quiz. Default: 10

answer-type: Whether song title, artist or both is accepted as answer. Possible values: artist, title, both. Default: both.

Example: !music-quiz 37i9dQZEVXbMDoHDwVN2tF 10 both

Songs can be skipped using !skip

To stop the quiz run !stop

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