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A multi-purpose moderation and fun bot with tons of unique new features adding every week



List of Commands

  • help- Zen! (this will help you to understand the bot)
  • help moderation- Displays this message (Correct usage: Zen!help)
  • music this bot has music commands (Type Zen!music for more info))
  • anime anime help (Correct usage: Zen!anime))
  • bot See bot information (Correct usage: Zen!bot))
  • weather See weather in a specific location (Correct usage: Zen!weather [city]))
  • meme See a random meme (Correct usage: Zen!randommeme or Zen!meme))
  • ping Tests your ping (Correct usage: Zen!ping)
  • anime See an anime from the list (Correct usage: Zen!anime )
  • coronavirus See updates about the virus (Type Zen!corona))
  • 8ball Answers to all of your questions! (Correct usage: Zen!8ball [question])
  • updates- Type Zen!updates to see the new commands
  • avatar- Type Zen!avatar to see your avatar
  • random anime See an anime random(Correct usage: Zen!ranime)
  • anime sites See the top of my anime sites (Correct usage: Zen!anime sites)
  • info Tells info about the server(Correct usage: Zen!svinfo)
  • photo Zen!p[ex:dog,cat,killme,kiss,cuddle,love] =>for a define photo)
  • riceball Sends a riceball to the desired player! :rice_ball: (Correct usage: Zen!riceball @username)

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