SMABot Commands Prefix: !


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Created By: Athensclub# 7059


A simple music bot that includes multiple features such as permissions, personal library, skip/leave voting system, and banning/unbanning songs. The prefix for this bot is "!". Currently, only youtube songs are supported. Made by SMA students of Hatyaiwittayalai school, Thailand.

This bot has all the basic commands for the music bots which includes:

  • !play - to play the song.
  • !skip - to skip the song (voting system included!).
  • !leave - to make the bot leave voice channel (voting system included and the bot will automatically after 10 minutes if there is no user in voice channel).
  • !rr - to remove ranges of songs from the queue.
  • !queue - to view the current queue.

This bot also has some advanced command which includes:

  • !ban - for banning songs from the server.
  • !unban - for unbanning the banned songs.
  • !perms - a permission system that ranks owner, administrator, and normal user.
  • !libs - a personal library of songs, currently support adding/removing songs to/from the library and adding songs from the library to the server queue.

You can get more information for each command by using !help command.