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A multipurpose Music/fun bot made in discord.py :)






For a more in depth list of commands go to:


Play: >play is a basic play command that allows you to queue a song from the provided search query or from a provided link. Usage: >play query

Help: Is a well... help command

Web: Sends a link to the bots website

pause: Pauses playback

fact: Get a fact about a animal, list on website

queue: Shows the queue

shuffle: Shuffles the queue

skip: Skips to the next song in the queue

leave: Leaves

join: Joins the vc

roll: rolls a die, instructions on the website

volume: Sets the server side volume between 0-150%

clear: Clears the queue

back: plays the previously played song

np: shows the currently playing song and how far into it is

seek: seeks to a position in the song, format: Minute:Seconds eg 1:20

restart: restarts the song

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