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Pokèduel is a sandbox dueling simulator. Do .tutorial or .help to get started.



This application is called pokeduel and is meant to be a pokemon battling simulator similar to the popular website showdown. Users can select and use any pokemon for battling other users in a competitive environment. Users can choose to either duel others in 1v1 duels or 6v6 teamduels with status moves, tms and more added. Players can use this bot for purposes such as competitive dueling, testing out matchups for the actual pokemon games or even battling friends for fun. Servers that previously used the pokecord bot can also benefit from using this bot to make gyms, e4 and tournaments as many players don’t want to restart. We offer a free selection, due to this bot being created to be based on skills and knowledge, the main purpose is battling. Even though we don't have in game currency due to all pokemons being free selection, we have BP otherwise known as Battle Points. Battle Points will be able to buy special keys to open Skins crates and Shiny crates. We plan to add a ladder system where users’ wins will be logged and displayed on a ranking system where people can battle competitively. Our bot also comes with a built in pokedex system where users can find type weaknesses, pokemon information and even a damage calculator is planned to be added soon. Players can set up pokemon with evs, moves, and abilities(will be added soon) to create any configuration they want to battle other players, then they can either add the pokemon to their team and battle in a 6v6 style or duel 1v1. Another major aspect of this bot is gambling, players will gamble the battle points to try and become the richest and purchase skins and shinies. Unlike other pokemon bots, not much time is required to be invested into this bot except your skills.

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