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Just a basic boi that does some moderation, some music. and ofc some fun stuff






Weerie Bot I just created a bot because I like doing so- It has a few handy features and I think it can be a really fun unique bot to use in your server. I am still updating it!

The global prefix is . My bot has the following commands:

.Changelog -> Informs you about what has been updated! .Help -> Shows you this screen! .Ban -> Yes, I can ban people. .Kick -> Kick members .av [mention] -> Shows the mentioned user their avatar. If you do not mention anyone it will show your own avatar.

Use .music for advanced music information!!! .play [YT-Link] -> Plays song. .skip -> Forwards to the next song. .pause -> pauses music playback. .resume -> resumes music playback. .leave -> clears the queue and makes the bot leave the VC

.vibin -> for if ur vibin hard .snipe -> recovers the latest deleted msg .editsnipe -> recovers the unedited message .afk -> for if you’re one of those ppl And maybe there are some more hidden commands

Please let me know if you want more commands!!! Weerie#0061 (You can DM me if you have any questions too-)

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