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The easiest music bot. React Controls. YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify & 700+ more sites Supported. Bassboost, Nightcore & many audio filters


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DEEJAY - Music For Every Mood

Disocrd Music Bot. Reaction Controlled. DJ Mode. 25+ Audio Filters. YouTube, Soundcloud , Spotify & 700+ more sites supported.

Supported Streaming Platforms YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, vimeo, reverbnation, facebook, discord attachment links also & 700+ more sites links supported

Reaction Controls

1)⏭️ Skip to the next song.

2)⏮️ Back to the previous song.

3)⏯️ Pause/Resume the song.

4)🔉 Volume down 10 %

5)🔊 Volume up 10 %

6)⏪ Rewind 10 Seconds

7)⏩ Forward 10 seconds

8)🔁 Switch between the loop modes.(song, queue, off)

9)↩️ Restart the song

10)🎶 On/Off autoplay

11)🔀 Shuffle the queue.

12)⏹ Stop then leave the voice channel

Music Commands

reverse, speed, addrelated, announce, autoplay, backward, bump, clearqueue, deletegrab, filter, forward, grab, join, jump, lyrics, move, nowplaying, pause, play, playnext, playskip, previous, queue, remove, repeat, replay, resume, seek, shuffle, skip, songinfo, soundcloud, stop, swap, volume, voteskip, youtube

Audio Filters

3d, bassboost, chorus, clear, compressor, earwax, echo, expander, fadein, flanger, gate, haas, karaoke, mcompand, mono, mstlr, mstrr, nightcore, normalizer, phaser, pulsator, rickroll, softlimiter, subboost, surround, treble, tremolo, vaporwave, vibrato

Activity Channels

betrayal, chess, fishing, poker, watchtogether

Utility Commad

botinfo, botinvite, bugreport, feedback, help, ping, privacy, suggest, support, tos, uptime, upvote

Admin Commands (Server Settings)

ban, disable, enable, prefix, reactioncontrol, unban

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