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it's an english bot that has for goal to remplace every utils bot and make it nicer so here it is there is so fun commands some good system


! But customizable


Well it looks like my master was impatient, and uh umm a new bubble in my brain has been created this is weird. Sorry I was impatient but here is the Mega Update other commands will come later in this brain bubble lol 😂 anyway so sorry there is no event. Here are the new commands - The command to mine !Mine - The command to chop !Chop - The command to fish !Fish - The command to see the baking oven !Oven - The command to see the craft table Still in development !Craft - More items in the shop - The backpack to see materials such as wood, stone etc !Backpack - The main bot language is now English, but a system to set the language will come in the future - And more


BACKMODZZ Bot is an english bot made to remplace every bot that are necessary for a server, it protects your server from raids and everythings like that, it has a lot of super cool and super devlopped commands for economy and fun commands, it has a good reaction role system, a good goodbye/welcome message system, a good afk command/system, it has a rank card and a lederboard for levels and a music commands with the volumes, there is some mini games as tictactoe/morpion and hangman, it has a meme command, and it has more commands that are coming soon

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