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Velfrox is a multipurpose bot . It Includes moderation,management, fun, memes, social, search etc. We'll keep updating commands in future<3



YouTube search command updated🎉

Updated the youtube search command :3 Added thumbnail, Video duration, Views, Upload Date and a better look❤️



It's a multipurpose fun discord bot with many features almost every feature needed in a discord server!! Social and search commands.
You can Search anything on social media or any other platforms find music lyrics, translate any language into English Advance meme system with button system <3



🟢 ┇24/7 Online 🎁 ┇Best moderation and server management commands ⭐ Starboard: Post your messages in starboard channel 🔐 Lockdown:Lock channels
Suggestions:Set suggestion channel Economy : Economy Commands coming very soon❤️

Fun : 40+ Fun Commands
Moderation: Almost Every moderation command
Images: Fun and image manipulation commands Miscellaneous commands, Roleplay Commands Social Search Commands: search anything On YouTube,Google,OSU, Wikipedia, instagram, facebook, urban dictionary, twitch, twitter,, duckduckgo, yahoo

Management Commands: Create many Roles within a second, setup Color roles, Create channels,
Generate hex codes, preview hex codes, quote messages, channelinfo, Poll command quite better, action commands, Add emotes with bot, Enlarge emotes like owo bot but better, Pokemon commands, music lyrics, translation and many more interesting commands:3


MODERATION ban, kick, banid, mute, unmute, unban, warn, checkwarn, clearwarn, unban, slowmode, +role, -role, role, purge, lock, unlock, setnick, massmute

INFO botinfo, userinfo, trackinvite, rinfo, serverinfo, membercount, channelinfo, ping, uptime, vote, invite

ACTION AND FUN hug, kiss, cuddle, boop, cry, kill, blush, punch, pat, slap, choose, dankrate, gayrate, lesborate, hack, gender guess, hornyrate, waifurate

UTILITY create channel, setwelcome, suggestion channel, bump, setupcolor (it creates 32 colour roles automatically), emotes, suggest, createrole, steal, embed, setwelcome, setup rules

SOCIAL AND SEARCH insta, fb, wiki, google, osu, duckduckgo, twitch, twitter,, yahoo, urban, yt, pokedex

meme, pickwaifu, rip, wasted, penguin, wanted, drake, confused, communism, dog, cat, cmm, food, panik, pepesay, stonks, clown, simpalert, random pokemon, worthless, burn, applause, spank, distracted, gae, wide, fox, jail, trash, deathnote

MISCELLANEOUS say, enlarge, pokeinfo, topic, textimage, joke, hex, poll, pokesearch, ask, ship, choose, roast, phex {preview hex color}, mock, rep, pfp, av, hd {hex details}, client invite, site {site preview}, lyrics, translate

✅ Serving many servers ❤️Join our support server to suggest some good stuffs<3

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