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DeepBeat is a perfect bot for your music needs! It has all the basic to advance commands to make the best Music Server.


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📝 Features & Commands

Note: The default prefix for commands is -

ğŸŽµ Music commands

Command Description Usage
-play Play song through link, query or playlist -play [Youtube link or Query]
-add Add songs to Guild's playlist -add [Youtube link or Query]
-clear Clears Guilds playlist -clear
-goto skip to a certain song in playlist -goto [Song Number]
-leave Makes bot leave the voice channel -leave
-nowplaying Display currently playing song -nowplaying
-pause Pause the current playing song -pause
-resume Resume the current paused song -resume
-remove Removes song from playlist -remove [Song Number]
-queue Displays Guilds playlist -queue
-replay Replays currently playing song -replay
-skip Skip the current playing song -skip
-search Search songs on YouTube, then play or add them to Guild's playlist -search [Query]
-volume Changes msuic player's volume -volume [1 - 100]
-rewind Rewind some amount of seconds in music stream -rewind [amount in seconds]
-forward Skip some amount of seconds in music stream -forward [amount in seconds]

💡 General commands

Command Description Usage
-help Sends you list of commands -help [command name]
-invite Gives all bot realted links -invite
-ping Display bot ping -ping
-stats Gives all bot's system realted information -stats

✏️ Settings commands

Command Description Usage
-setprefix Changes the prefix used to address bot -setprefix [New Prefix]
-reset Used to reset bot settings -reset
-loopqueue Enable or Disable playlist looping -loopqueue
-loopsong Enable or Disable song looping -loopsong

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