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A little bit of beats and bytes. I'm starting as a music bot with more features on the way.





BT Bots

You can start by joining a voice channel and typing ;play <youtube link / youtube search term>. You can also use @Bxt's as a prefix or choose your own prefix with the command prefix.

Here's a list of all my commands:

help: List all of my commands or info about a specific command.
prefix: Show or change the command prefix.
ping: Pong. (Latency info)

play: Play music from youtube.
skip: Skips the current song.
stop: Stops playing in the voice channel you are in.
leave: Leaves the voice channel you are in.
pause: Pauses the song that is playing.
resume: Resumes the song that is paused.
np: Sends info on the song that is playing.
queue: Shows the music queue.
shuffle: Shuffles the queue.

You can send ;help [command name] or @Bxt's help [command name] to get info on a specific command!

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