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Moderation and Anime commands! Gather anime title stickers, trade, buy and sell with your friends!



Moderation commands kick, ban, unban, ban list, create and give roles, etc.

Don't want a certain command to work or tired of people spamming it? You can toggle almost any command on and off!

Open votings so people can choose! Allow anyone to open a voting by toggling AllVote, or only allow Admins and people with "Vote" role!

Get info on any anime from MyAnimeList with "ainfo"!

Want to watch something from your plan to watch list but don't know what? Let the bot decide for you with "ptw_pick"!

Want an anime recommendation of any genre from MyAnimeList? Want it to have an score of at least 7? 8? No problem, just use "arec" and specify the minimum score and genres you want, or leave genres blank if you want any!

Gather anime title stickers, trade, buy from the store, compete with your friends and more!

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