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A new, super cool Giveaway Bot! Start or schedule giveaways.






Giveaway is a compact and sleek designed Discord Giveaway Bot packed with your standard giveaways commands, here they are:

g!start: This command will start a giveaway in whichever channel was provided by the author g!end: This command end a giveaway, message ID or prize must be provided g!reroll: This command will reroll the winner of the giveaway g!stats: This command will provide an embed full of the bots statistics g!help: This command will DM the author an embed with a help menu g!ping: This command will return the round-trip ping g!invite: This command displays an embed providing a link to invite the bot to your own server

This bot provides full giveaway features at the touch of your finger, setup with permission commands that require you to have certain roles to run giveaways. Make sure to upvote the bot to keep us running!

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