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A bot for storing headpats and waifus, and then interacting with them. Randomly get a headpat, or engage in approval polls to select waifus.


! or mention





A discord bot for distributing headpats and rating waifus.
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!help command

Help command - gives a list of commands when argument is empty, or describes in more detail the functionality of a command.
Available to all roles


Retreives a random headpat from your server's list.
Available to all roles

!Headpat addimage image.link

Stores a new headpat image that can be randomly fetched by !headpat.
Available to all roles

!Headpat removeimage image.link

Removes the specified link from the server's headpats.
Available to moderator roles


Command family for approval voting polls. Does not work without arguments.

!Waifu add image.link name

adds a waifu to be voted on in selection polls.
performs some checking to ensure the link is valid, but does not always succeed.
Available to all roles

!Waifu addcsv

Adds all waifus from a csv file.
Default CSVs for testing or bootstrapping included in github repository.
CSV must have columns in following order: Name | Immunity (default 0) | Probability (default 1) | image.link
Available to moderator roles

!waifu exportCSV

Exports the server's waifus to a csv file Available to moderator roles

!Waifu remove name

Removes the named waifu from the poll list.
Not required nor reccomended for eliminated waifus - those are kept by default in order to revent re-addition, but will not appear in future polls.
Available to moderator roles

!waifu list [exclude eliminated (boolean yes/no)]

Responds with a sorted list of the waifus in the server. Returns names only, no immunity or probability data. Adding an optional 'false' or 'no' argument wil also include waifus that have been eliminated from polling in the list. Available to all roles

!Waifu startpoll

Selects 10 waifus, then creates and posts image collage.
Reacts with keypad numbers from 0 to 9, and a flag.

  • The flag is intended as a 'done voting' mark to help moderators keep track of a threshold for ending rounds
  • Each Reacted keypad emoji corresponds to a waifu, and user reactions will count as a vote for that waifu

Available to moderator roles

!Waifu endpoll

Closes the latest round of voting, and calculates results.
posts vote distribution graph of round in channel Available to moderator roles

!Waifupoll [deprecated]

Fetches the keypad number reacts from recent pins, excluding its own, and posts them as a text file

Planned Features

  • Configurable Role Control
  • Configurable Poll Settings (size, image specifications, etc)
  • Random Replacement of headpat images by users
  • Auto-polling by time interval and/or completion votes
  • Discord image attachment/link support

Unplanned/Out-of-scope features

  • Image fetching from external service by name
  • Automated Image Moderation to exclude possibly un-wholesome content
  • Competent writing

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