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Most simple and fun bot ever. It's basically a gambling bot for now but we'll keep it further with all-new functions of course ^^



Welcome to Tike Bot! Thank you for choosing us!

Looks like you need some help.( ಠ ͜ʖಠ)

Here is the list of all commands;

o!profile: The profile for your coins and win rate.

o!earn: Get free coins per 3 hours.

o!slot1: Tier 1 Slot.

o!slot2: Tier 2 Slot.

o!slot3: Tier 3 Slot.

o!slot4 [Price]: Tier 4 Slot.

o!price: Price list of all the games.

o!racebet [Price]: Bet on a car race.

o!lotto5: Buy a ticket for 200 coins with other 4 users. Winner gets 1000 coins.

o!send [Username]: You can transfer your money to the every user you want.

o!prob: Win probabilities.

o!rob [Username]: Steal %30 of someone's coins with %50 luck.

You must have 1000 coins for be able to rob.

If you fail you lose 50% of your coins to your target user. 1 rob try per day.


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