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Never be late to a livestream from your favorite Vtuber with Baqua bot!


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Version 0.0.5

New contents: - !reddit command: Notify new posts from r/Hololive, r/VirtualYoutubers. (If you think there are other subreddits that should be included here then suggest them to us via !suggestion) Bug fixes: - Fixed stream list command is showing the wrong video URL (sorry for the inconvenience) - Fixed Baqua bot doesn't notify Reddit posts ( for the 2nd time :) ) Notes: - Baqua bot is being rewritten in TypeScript as the developer is learning on the way so expect no new features from Baqua ( I'm running out of ideas as well xD ) so if you have any new ideas, I'm always open! Upcoming features: - !settings command to show current server configuration


Baqua bot

Baqua is a bot that keeps you and everyone in your server updated on Youtube (Twitch, Twitcasting) livestream/upcoming streams, Twitter feed, Reddit post from your/their favorite Vtubers (Mostly support Hololive)!

Setup guide

For livestream notification: Create a channel and then execute baqua!livestream.

For upcoming stream notification: Create a channel and then execute baqua!upcoming.

For a list of upcoming streams/livestreams (constantly updated): Create a channel and then execute baqua!streams.

For subscriber count notification: Create a channel and then execute baqua!subscriber.

For Twitter notification: Create a channel and then execute baqua!twitter.

For Reddit notification: Create a channel and then execute baqua!reddit.

For Vtuber auto-assign roles: Create a channel and then execute baqua!vtuberroles. (Remember to execute baqua!addroles to add roles first)

Command showcases

Live streaming notification:

Upcoming stream notification:

List of streams:

Subscriber count notification:

Twitter notification:

Reddit notification:

Vtuber auto-assign roles:

Have suggestions? Send them to us via suggestion command! 

Encountered a bug? Send us a bug report via bug report command!

Remember to leave a review or vote for Baqua bot to help us in growing larger!

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