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A awesome discord bot for anime, fun, economy, moderation etc.


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Classy Anime

Classy anime is a simple discord bot having awesome commands.

Some of bot commands are:

1.Economy Commands:

bal, bank, beg, bet, buy, creditslb, daily, game, work, deleteitem, deposit, find, game, gift, inventory, leaderboard, market, nonxpchannels, previewitem, profile, register, sell, setbio, setbirthday, setcolor, tip, transfer, unequip, use, withdraw

2.Anime Cards System:

claim, cards, cardslb, howtoplay [You can trade your cards with other soon]

3.Setup Commands:

setprefix, setsuggestch, togglevotenotif, userxpreset, xpenable, xpexcempt, xpreset, xptoggle

4.Some other commands: feedback, invite, ping, stats, help, suggest, avatar, emoji

And lots more adding soon....

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