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A discord bot that can apply colors and themes to spice up your server


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A discord bot that can apply themes to spice up your server.
This bot manages roles for a discord server ie. creation, deletion, editing of roles in a server.
You can view how to setup and use commands with the bot using the help command after inviting the bot to your server.
If you forgot your prefix then you can type @Vibrant for help.


  • Create and manage custom color roles
  • Color people and yourself with commands
  • Save themes/presets for when you feel like change but dont want to lose your current setup
  • Auto role management keeps the server clean and also updates info if somebody changes a role to keep your colors and discord connected perfectly
  • Customizable prefix
  • Randomly color everyone or specific people
  • Welcome new members and assign them colors


  1. Invite the bot to your server
  2. Type $help in a text channel to view setup instructions and to get a basic understanding of how to use the bot. Note that '$' is the default prefix and may change if you decide to, in which case you need to use your custom prefix
  3. Navigate through the help pages until the end and you should have a basic understanding of how to use the bot


Optional fields are marked with a *

<color> and <theme> arguments can be either a name or an index

General Commands

Command Example Description
help $help Standard help command
prefix <new prefix*> $prefix % Changes the prefix used to call commands
welcome $welcome Toggles the welcoming channel

Color Management Commands

Command Example Description
add <hexcode> <name*> $add #FFC0CB Pink Adds a color to your active colors
remove <color> $remove pink Removes a color from your active colors
rename <color> | <name> $rename pink | blue Renames a color in your active colors
recolor <color> | <hexcode> $recolor 2 | #0000FF Changes the way the color looks
clear_colors $clear_colors Removes all active colors

Color Assignment Commands

Command Example Description
colorme <color*> $colorme 3 Colors you
uncolorme $uncolorme Uncolors you
color <user> <color*> $color @Gumbachi 2 Colors a specific user
splash <color*> $splash Colors everyone who isn't colored
unsplash $unsplash Uncolors everyone

Theme General Commands

Command Example Description
themes $themes Shows an image of your added themes
imports $imports Shows a list of presets

Theme Management Commands

Command Example Description
import <preset> $import Outrun Adds a preset theme to saved themes
save <name*> $save My Theme Saves current colors as a theme
load <theme> $load vibrant Loads a saved theme for use
erase <theme> $erase vibrant Removes a theme
overwrite <name> $overwrite vibrant overwrites a saved theme
trn <theme> | <name> $trn vibant | Vibrant Renames a saved theme

Macro Commands

Command Example Description
ilso <preset> $ilso Outrun Import -> Load -> Splash -> Overwrite
lso <theme> $lso My Theme Load -> Splash -> Overwrite
acm <theme> $acm #7298DA Blurple Add a color and then apply to self
resplash $resplash Reapplies colors in a different pattern

Support Server

If you couldn't find what you were looking for with the help command, have any general questions you need answered, or just want to see the bot in action before you invite it then join the Support Server

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