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Show off your member count, server boost count, Twitch followers, YouTube subscribers and more in your Discord server!


Server Count

Create tickers in your Discord community showing off member count, server boost count, Twitch followers, YouTube subscribers, and Twitter followers (with more coming soon!) Using StreamTicker, you can display this data in an easy, customizable way.

Tickers are always refreshing to bring you the latest data.

Creating tickers

To create a Twitch ticker: s!createticker twitch <Twitch username>

To create a Discord member count ticker: s!createticker discord

To create a Discord server boost count ticker: s!createticker discord boosts

To create a Twitter ticker: s!createticker twitter <Twitter username>

To create a YouTube ticker: s!createticker youtube <YouTube channel URL>

Customizing your tickers

You can even customize the look of your ticker! Run s!editformat <ticker ID> %username% has %count% Twitch followers to create a ticker saying TwitchUsername has 1,337 Twitch followers!

Further guide

To get a full setup guide, run s!guide in your server

Full command list

  • s!ping: Checks that the bot is online.
  • s!createticker: Add a Twitch, Twitter, YouTube or Discord ticker.
  • s!deleteticker: Deletes a ticker.
  • s!list: Lists all tickers in your server
  • s!refresh: Forces a ticker to refresh with data
  • s!editformat: Edits the format of a ticker
  • s!stats: Get stats for the bot
  • s!info: Get information about the bot
  • s!presets: Lists all presets
  • s!load: Loads a preset format on to a ticker
  • s!guide: Get a usage guide for the bot!
  • s!invite: Get a link to invite the bot!
  • s!support: Get a link to the StreamTicker support server!
  • s!vote: Get a link to vote for the bot on!

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